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How to Order from us

This platform is very easy to use and user friendly. There is no need for clients to register in order to purchase our products, although orders can only be fully processed once all the terms and conditions have been met fully by the client who wishes to purchase a product. The steps to making a successful purchase are outlined below, assuming you have already open our online platform:

1. Choose the product you want to add to your shopping cart. You can place your mouse cursor over the product, an ADD TO CART option will show then you add it, or you can click on the product to read more about it then add it to your cart.

2. Once you are done viewing and selecting the products you want to buy, you can click CHECKOUT on the menu bar or click on the CART ICON at the bottom right corner of your screen to view all items in your cart and be able to adjust the number of items you want per product then you click CHECKOUT.

3. On checkout, you are going to fill in all your billing information and make sure that it is all filled in correctly, especially your address and contact details because these will be used for delivery purposes.

4. Note: make sure you read the section at the bottom of the page before you proceed to place an order. Since our payments are not yet done online, we advise that you note down the details of payment thoroughly so that your payments are made to the correct account.

5. Click proceed: congratulations, you are one step closer to completing your purchase.

6. An email will be sent to you with the details of your order and even the payment account details. Your order will have and order reference number in the form #00, use that as your payment reference so it can be easy to track and align payment with the correct order.

7. Once payment is done, you shall receive an email confirming that your payment has been received in order and your order is ready to be delivered.

8. Congratulations: you have successfully made an order with OMV Holdings.

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